Getting hold of us

Getting hold of the gang behind Topshelf is pretty straightforward. We try to help as much as time permits and have tried to streamline this process as much as possible.

But before you grab hold of us, spend a moment to compose your thoughts and formulate your question. There is nothing as pointless as simply telling us “Topshelf does not work for me,” with no further information to give any clue as to why.

And before you even do that, do a couple of searches to see if your question has already been answered. If it has been, you will get your answer much faster that way.

Mailing List

Getting on or off our mailing list happens through Google Groups.

If you are going to use Topshelf, subscribing to our topshelf-discuss mailing list is probably a very good idea. This is where most conversation about Topshelf is going to happen.

Make sure to pick a good subject line, and if the subject of the thread changes, please change the subject to match. Some of us deal with hundreds of emails per day after spam-filters, and we need all the help we can get to pick the interesting ones.


The most immediate way to get hold of us is to shoot a tweet to #tsproj

Our main time zone is Central time in the United States.

If you can explain your problem in a clear sentence, Twitter is a good way to get quick response. If you do need to paste log files, config and so on, please use a gist. But because questions are often not clear without additional context, we may push you to our mailing list on Google Groups.

If Twitter is all quiet, try the mailing list as well. We do have lives, families and jobs to deal with as well.

Issues / Tickets

Please do not open an issue on GitHub unless you have spotted an actual bug in Topshelf. Ask on the mailing list first if you are in doubt.

The reason for this policy is to avoid the bugs being drowned in a pile of sensible suggestions for future enhancements, calls for help from people who forget to check back if they get it, and so on.